Caution Secret mechanics discovered in Pok mon Unite Weaken all your team

In Pokémon Unite, some players have been found with a hidden mechanics that call Zapbuffs debuff. In team we explain what it is about and what you can do about it.

What is the Shoat debilitator ? If you kill the drednaw (kamalm) shortly before the appearance of zapdes, this reduces the attack of the whole team by approximately 55%. It does not matter if it is drednaw from the beginning of the game, the second or third party. It is important when it dies, since the weakening of the equipment lasts 90 seconds later. In addition, it only reduces damage to Zapdos, not wild or opposing Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite is known for not being too transparent about the exact numbers or mechanics. To this day, the game does not provide exact Pokémon values, combat elements or attacks. Neither his side nor in the game itself is clear if a Pokémon is a physical or special attacker. The question arises from whether the mechanics is really an error or just an error.

However, players are sure that it should be a secret mechanics that is damaging the game.

In this video you can see that the player seeks the DrednaW and test the damage, with and without the debuff, in Zapdos:

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What can you do better with the disadvantage? In the current goal, it is common to gain as many dredits as possible for your own team in order to take advantage of level on the opposite team. With the disadvantage running for 90 seconds, it is important to defeat the end Drednaw long before Zapdas appears.

Zapdas will appear when only two minutes of the game are. Consequently, it is safer for your team to have defeated Drednaw no later than 3:30 minutes to make sure it causes normal damage to Zapdos.

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You can also cure the disadvantage. You can do this using the Combat Item Complete Healing or play Blissey (Heiteira) or Wigglytuff (knuddeluff). Blissey’s Safeguard attack can free your partners from disadvantage and, thanks to her passive ability, she is immune to her when she is not in cooling.

Wigglytuff can delete the disadvantage with your UNITE MOVE. This shows it again the Skythrix user (via REDDIT) in a short video.

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How can you proceed at the end of the game? Do not dispense with Drednaw and leave it in the hands of the opponents, it is not an option, especially if you have marked fewer goals as opponents and you have to wait for Zapdos. Try keeping the opponents away from Drednaw as soon as you realize that the timer is so low that you will get the disadvantage of Zapdos for too long.

The main disadvantage of the debuff is that it takes double time to obtain sap. During this time, it is possible that you can gradually tear down the opponents to attack the boss without bothering you, but you take so long that the time to reuse the death of the opponent has diminished before you can defeat Zapdos. The opponents are more likely to steal zaps and finally decide the game for themselves.

Be sure to monitor your timing with DrednaW. Optionally, a supporter can take Fluffy Tail as an element to briefly increase the damage to DrednaW, Rotom and Zapbases for all members of the team. By the way, Rotom does not weaken the team.

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