Pok mon Unite Turtok will be launched next week The trailer shows the attacks

The Moba Pokémon Unite puts into play the long-awaited Turtok fighter (Blastoise). The trailer gives a small idea of ​​Turtok’s set of movements.

** Why is it?

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Turtok uses these attacks

What can Turtok do? In the trailer you can trap some attacks of the Pokémon. Previously, Turtok’s set of movements was filtered by launching a closed beta game from Turtok (Dkay Gaming through YouTube). Note that this exact information may differ from the officers. We can see these attacks from the trailer:

  • Turbo Rotator:
    Turtok revolves around the itself itself and can be controlled freely

    • It does not seem to be interrupted by enemy attacks.
  • Hydraulic pump:
    • In the trailer you can briefly see an asterisk animation, which means that the enemy can not move for a short time.
  • Tablack:
    • It seems to look like Surfer de Lahmus
  • Wet manufacturer:
    • Create a field in which drops of water fall on the enemy, causing harm.
    • Decrease the speed of movement of the enemy.

    Turtok turns rapidly around the itself axis of it and damages opponents with a jet of water within a fixed range.

Turtok operates the hydraulic attack pump and surfer, as well as the humid generator and turbo turbo one after another, which speaks of the closed beta attack selection. Therefore, he can choose between surfist or turbo turner and between wet machine or hydraulic pump.

Since Turtok was announced with a green background on June 17 (through Twitter), it is, in all likelihood, a defender Pokémon.

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What could this involve? If turbodreher could go through all the attacks, Turtok could effectively fight against opponents such as Alola Vulnone (Alolan Ninetails) or Knuddeluff (Wigglytuff). The two Pokémon struggle with attacks that immobilize the opponents for a short period of time or, usually, can knock them down. If Turtok breaks this, it would be a valuable addition for any team.

Hydro Pump and Wet Maker seem good movements to disturb opponents. Both prevent him from fleeing quickly and can allow teammate or Turtok himself to obtain the necessary death. It remains to be seen which will prevail in the goal. When Heiteira joined them and Knuddeluff received his benefit, the goal swirled correctly. Let’s see if Turtok can do it.

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