New World gets another open beta

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RuneScape Game Trailer 2020

On the GamesCom, the date for the open test phase was revealed by New World and a new trailer shown.

The beta phases of the coming MMORPGS New World from Amazon Games were a great success. But so far you need a key to dive in advance to the rich role-playing game. Not anymore. From the 9th to the 12th of September, the Open Beta takes place. This was announced at the Opening Night Live the Gamescom 2021. In these four days you may try the game to your heart’s content, with your character through Aeternum stripes and experience different adventures. The release follows on September 28th.

Suitable for this was a new trailer to New World published. In it you can see new scenes that show the mass surfaces as well as some of the dangerous enemies waiting for the mysterious Aeternum island.

We have taken New World even a closer look at New World some time ago and were very pleased. Although there is still some improvement opportunities here and there, but the developers are in our opinion on the right track. Our detailed preview of New World can be found here.

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