Pok mon Go Dataminer will find important information about upcoming events

Dataminer found new texts in Pokémon Go that revolve around the upcoming events, such as community day with Ottaro and Safari Zone. In community day we have analyzed what was specifically found in the game code and show it.

Why is it? Pokeminers, a DataMiners group, look for new information in Pokémon Go at regular intervals. Then, they put these data available to the public for other players.

New texts have been discovered for upcoming events in the game code.

These new texts have been found

In the current search of the Pokeminers, new texts were found in the game code. These are mainly related to the next events. To put this information available to the public, the DataMiners have put the findings available to other players on their own site (through Pokeminers.com).

We analyze what information was found specifically for you and we summarize it below.

Community Day with Ottaro

The Pokeminers found a large part of the texts for the next community day with Ottaro on September 19, 2021. As in each Community Day, there will also be a special entrance for the Ottar event. This brings you a special investigation under the name of a long sword shell!.

The name of the investigation, as well as the information about the purchase of the ticket, are already stored in the game and the Pokeminers could discover them. The investigation itself will once again have 4 parts. In addition, there will be 5 photographic pumps again during the day of the community and Ottaro, of course, will appear more frequently in nature.

Here you can see an extract of the game code:

Resource ID: Photobomb_Five_oshawott
Text: 5 Photobbies of OSHAWOTT in GO snapshot

Resource ID: spawn_oshawott
Text: More Oshawott are appearing in nature

Resource ID: Ticket_oshawott
Text: Ticket for special research history Available in the store: from Scalchops to Seamitars

Resource ID: Quest_title_OSHAT_3
Text: Scalchops to Seamitars (4/4)

The texts of Professor Willow on all aspects of special research with Ottaro have already been stored in the game. These are the typical formulations that are shown when opening and solving special research, such as Hello, player’s name! I recently saw a really surprising view while walking: The trees in the nearby forest were covered with pasture! (through pokemans.com).

new missions and new bonuses

Pokeminers have also found texts for four new missions and a new bonus. The missions revolve around the Ottaro event, on the one hand, and to Team Go Rocket, on the other. Then you should catch a certain number of Ottaro. There is also a task for each one to develop Ottaro and Zwottronin.

In Team-Go-Rocket you must defeat a certain number of its members. The new bonus has to do with a rain module event. Until now, the following formulation has been found for this: The event Pokémon are attracted by the Rain Lure module. This is how you see the parts of the text in the game:

Resource ID: Quest_defeat_Rocket
Text: Defeat a {0} members of Team Go Rocket

Resource ID: Quest_oshat_Evolve_B
Text: evolve {0} Oshawott

Resource ID: lure_rainy_event_bonus
Text: Event Pokémon attracted by Rainy Lure modules

Safari zone

In the game code, the Pokeminers could now discover the first texts about the Safari area, which they say that it is a bit strange to them: Why do not you take the time to make friends with your friend? And Why do not you take the time to make friends with the other coaches here?

The names of the two titles are almost identical in the source code and only differ by a small A at the end of the first ID. The Pokeminers could imagine a branch here and suspect that Niantic has something planned in this context.

Resource ID: Safari_2020_Dialogue_1_2A
Text: Why not take the time to relate to your friend?

Resource ID: Safari_2020_Dialogue_1_2
Text: Why not take the time to relate to the other coaches here?

More new texts

In addition, the formulas More information and Tips were recently discovered in the game. Therefore, they should be used for the corresponding buttons.

\ + Resource ID: tips_tagging_learn_more_button
\ + Text: More information

\ + Text: tips

Changes in existing texts

Finally, the Pokeminers found other new or modified texts that should be related to the next functions. Some of these texts refer to the name change.

As you can see in the extract of the game code, it will be changed from name to nickname. So before it was said you can change your name once and now you can change your nickname once (via pokemans.com).

Resource ID: username_suggestion_name_looks_good_change_name
Text: it looks good!
-You can change your name once.
\ + You can change your nickname once.

Texts for tutorials

In addition, the titles of the tutorials on the incursions and the resurgence of Pokémon have been adjusted. Then, instead of use your revive to revive your pokémon fainted, now says USA revive to revive your fainting Pokémon.

Another example is the change of previous wording As soon as the load indicator is full, touch the button to perform a loaded attack. The charged attacks cause huge amounts of damage. With regard to this text: As soon as your attack meter is full, touch the button to perform a loaded attack that can do a lot of damage.

-Text: Use your Ravings to revive your fainting Pokémon.
\ + Text: Use Revivir to revive Pokémon fainted.

-Text: Once your Charged Attack meter is full, touch the button to make a Charged Attack. Charged attacks cause large amounts of damage.
\ + Text: Once your attack meter is full, touch the button to perform a loaded attack, which can cause a lot of damage.

In the past, Pokeminers could often find information before the real release, which was then implemented exactly in the same way. However, you should always see these findings with a good dose of skepticism.

These data are not official information. For this reason, Niantic can make changes or decide against a launch at any time.

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