Craftone PWS Phase 2 Grand Final Go to the final confirmation

[Data provided: Craft Tone]

\ – Korea ‘Dana and E Sports‘ 2 Chicken, 51 kilo 5-week championship and finalization of the Grand Final

\ – 5 weeks Weekly Final Victory Team and Chicken Acquisition Top 16 Team Grand Finals

\ – PWS Phase 2 Grand Final, 27 days from 27th to 3 days

Craftone’s pub in the Pub’s Studio (Battlegrounds) (Battlegrounds) East Asia Regional Integrated E-Sports Competition ‘Pub Weekly Series’ (PWS) Phase 2, did.

PWS Phase 2 The victory of the Weekly Final’s Winning Final’s Winning went back to Korea’s Dana and e-sports, which recorded 51 kilets. Dana and E Sports, this victory, confirmed the Grand Final of PWS Phase 2.

The Global E Sports XSSet in the Macau Taipei / Hong Kong / Macau area was the first to obtain 2 chicken, but the final 2 chicken was 2nd. 3rd, the two-chicken’s enterprise, the Japanese entertainment of the Japanese enterprise, and the fourth ranked 62 kilometers, but the number of Chicken has made a name.

Until now, PWS Phase 2 prize money is $ 42 million, Griffin, 2,300,000 won, and 2,22 million won, Emlate Storme, 22 million won, Made Clan is 10 million won, 8 million won, Enter force. 36, 6 million won, Kebee E Sports and Renewal Gaming, Global E Sports XSSET was 5 million won, cervical hospital, and Ginto Prince have secured 2 million won, respectively.

Clueless Gamer:

The top 16 teams, including the Weekly Final Winning Team, the last five weeks of Weekly Final Victory Team, will be held on the PWS Phase 2 Grand Final from 27th to 29th. The grand finals are set to a total of 18 matches each day, and the final ranking is determined by a total of 18 matches and the number of chicken acquisitions and kills. Most Chicken Acquisition The team becomes the final winner of PWS Phase 2 and the main character of $ 5,000 won.

In addition, the Grand Final’s first team will advance to ‘PGC 2021’ in November, and the top eight teams will be held in the Global Competition ‘PCS 5 Asia’ to be held in September.

More information on PWS and E sports can be found in Official website .